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17/03/2010 14:35

Information from other people

I just wanted pass along this email I got from a fellow user, Mike, thanks. Here's the email:   Have you experienced the grind that sounds like it is coming from the left front wheel yet?   Or the transfer case pump rub issue?   I have on both of these it was a fairly easy fix if...


17/03/2010 14:32

Radio Backlighting Issues

I just wanted to advise everyone of a great resource for this issue they have the bulbs necessary to complete the job and some info on the labour involved, good luck.


15/09/2009 23:22

Just an update

Just wanted to mention that I've been getting so many emails from people with the odometer issue and have great luck fixing the problem. So far not one person has emailed me to say it hasn't fixed the problem. Keep up the good work folks.