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17/03/2010 14:35

I just wanted pass along this email I got from a fellow user, Mike, thanks. Here's the email:


Have you experienced the grind that sounds like it is coming from the left front wheel yet?


Or the transfer case pump rub issue?


I have on both of these it was a fairly easy fix if you can pull the transfer case

There are fixes out for the pump rub but a lot of confusion going around for the grinding sound from the left front wheel

The pump rub I took care of by adding a no cost piece of garden hose to the ears of the pump in the transfer case by cutting strips of it and  putting it over the ears of the pump.

The grinding sound required parts the clutches in the transfer case needs replace found them on ebay with the steels for 59.00  resealed put back in is all better no noises !

Oh while your there if you are tired of the bump feel you get when you stop from the rear slip yoke go to odd lots/Wal-Mart and buy a supper bal to fit in the yoke grease the yoke up slip in the ball and reinstall the driveshaft I got my ball free from the grandkids this is also a issue gm addressed the same way but they supplied the ball!


I have not had the Speedo issue yet but it wouldn’t surprise me!